Van Plating

Van Plating is the recording project of Rachel Van Plating. This record comes directly out of a nine year break from her musical pursuits and a period not only blessed with giving birth to and raising four children with her husband, but also two miscarriages and the harrowing experience of having to say goodbye to her children prior to an extremely risky surgery (of which the outcome was uncertain). After years of trying to shut music out, put it down and walk away for good, Plating gave into her ever-growing compulsion and passion to write, and so she went for it.

What came out of a year spent writing is a collection of songs indebted to the confessional folk tradition while embracing forward-thinking pop-song structures, intentionally produced in such a way so that there is zero distance between the listener and the song. Though singer-songwriters are currently having another moment in the culture, Plating brings the urbane wisdom of experience to not only her insightful lyrics, but (in tandem with cowriter Bradley Walden) also lets that quality seep into her songwriting, never content to play it safe or follow the trendier musical byways.

Plating has managed successfully to find her muse again and has admirably succeeded in marrying all the experience of her time off into a rousing and heartbreaking debut album, sure to find itself in heavy rotation in the hearts and minds of those fortunate enough to hear it.

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