The Hummingbirds
Stage The Attic at Rock Brothers
Set Time Sunday / 3:00pm

Live stage chemistry and organic duo harmonies immediately captivate and charm audience members when The Hummingbirds take the stage. Heavily influenced by the classic country sound, as well as myriad of other genres, The Hummingbirds started writing solid Americana songs when they started the band in 2000. And while they continue to draw on these influences, what comes out in their own songwriting is a hybrid sound all their own, genuine & playful, earnest & soulful.

Their newest album, “13 Days” features 13 songs that blend swampy south Americana and northern inner city grit. Rivers & rattlesnakes, the cold & the road, and heartaches & love. Recorded and mixed by Grammy Award winner, Mitch Dane in Nashville, the album is delivered with just the right amount of twang and a rootsy, raw, alt-country vibe.

The Hummingbirds have two previously released recordings. Their first self-titled release (2005), is a twangy full length album, which includes a track that was placed in the 2009 film “The Horsemen,” starring Dennis Quaid. Their second release (2007), an EP titled “Lonesome,” a blend of old school country, folk, and heavier alt-country songs, recorded with a full band, live at Big Sky Studios in Ann Arbor, Michigan in two quick sessions. Their recordings, along with their live show chemistry has garnered them the favorable attention of fans and music critics alike across the U.S.

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