The Elovaters
Stage Gasper's Grotto
Set Time Saturday / 4:30pm

The Elovaters sophomore album DEFY GRAVITY, produced by Danny Kalb, is set for October 26, 2018, release on Rootfire Cooperative.

Formed in 2014, The Elovaters are Jackson Wetherbee (lead vocal, rhythm guitar), John Alves (lead guitar), Nick Asta (drums), Matt Link (bass), Derrick Cabral (percussion), and Greg Nectow (keys).

Their debut album, THE CORNERSTONE, was recorded by Mike Caplan at the legendary Lion and Fox Studios in Washington D.C. in 2017. It reached #2 on the iTunes reggae chart and #9 on the Billboard Reggae Chart, and the band has been touring heavily in support of the album ever since, opening for the likes of Ziggy Marley, Stick Figure, The Movement, John Brown’s Body, Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad and more.

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