Stage The Attic at Rock Brothers
Set Time TBD

The music of San Fran’s FayRoy is steeped in humanity and it’s place within the natural world. Their bio talks in detail about the affect of the ”humid, moss covered river lagoons of Florida’s interior, and the ethereal, moon lit beaches of coast’s far far away”, while the album cover for their forthcoming debut LP depicts a naked man holding aloft an animals skeleton. So far, so hippyish, right? Well, quite, but that has never really been a bad thing, at least where music is concerned.

The self-titled record is set for release in October but there are four tracks streaming over on Bandcamp now and we’re already hooked. Conjouring up various shifting landscapes, the songs take in folk, psych and surf-rock influences and mix them all together to create a sound that intrigues and delights and projects images of the great outdoors in all of its primal beauty.

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