Blackbird Morning
Stage The Attic at Rock Brothers
Set Time Saturday / 2:15pm

Blackbird Morning is a four-piece from Saint Petersburg, Fl. The band fuses ambient vocals and powerful guitar and drums with witchy and esoteric sensibilities. Influenced by heavy rhythm and deep space, Blackbird Morning develops evocative melodies over dynamic percussion and weaves an elegant haze of sounds with ethereal synths. Singer Danielle De Cosmo Goodwin has been described as having “the gritty rasp of Tedeschi, the raw intimacy of Joplin, the dynamic range of Potter, all while maintaining pitch perfection.”* She also supplies guitar, and essential keys to the blend. Her brother Vincent De Cosmo provides backup vocals while churning out the rock and progressive drumming at the core. Classical and Jazz trained Richard Jimenez plays both 5 and 4 string electric bass, while adding backup vocals and keyboards. Richard will also play upright bass for broken down sets and intimate listening room shows. Anthony Goodwin plays electric guitar, engineers, produces and brings ambient textures and live visuals to the mix.

Blackbird Morning recently released their self-produced debut album Elements on May 12th, 2018. The album has been described by fans as “a flowing epic” and deals with core messages like survival, persistence, beauty and enlightenment.

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